Are You Afraid of Getting Too Much Business?

I cannot tell you how many people express their concern about getting so many leads from their marketing that they are afraid that they won’t be able to handle the volume.  You’re not alone if you worry that your marketing might deliver more clients than you have room for in your business.

Please be open-minded when you read my response if you think this way. I do respect that many of you want to keep your business small and comfortable. You can keep your business whatever size you want, even if your marketing generates more calls than you can handle.

First of all, it’s entirely unlikely that this is going to be an issue. Most of the people who think this way are solo entrepreneurs building a first website or new marketers. They may not realize there are 400 million active websites. It’s not easy to get your website noticed, especially if it’s new or a new domain name. Luckily, it’s not impossible either. We defy the odds every day at Accelerator Websites.

They may also not realize there are 1.2 million tax preparers and 1.4 million accountants in the U.S. You’re just not going to get flooded with calls.

Even if you do, that’s a good thing. You can be pickier about who you take on.  If you do have more prospect volume than you want, you can make them jump through some hoops, such as completing a form on your website before you set up a meeting with them. They’re even more likely to do business with you when they have a little “skin in the game,” such as time invested completing a form.

You can also refer prospects that are not a good fit to other businesses and get some very good pay-it-forward karma for your business. Just be sure to have those referral sources in place.

Don’t let this thinking hold you back from implementing marketing so that you can reach the revenue goals you’ve set out for yourself. It’s easy to think small, hold yourself back, and be your business’s own worst enemy.

It might initially feel a bit uncomfortable to be putting yourself out there like that. I felt like that when I stepped up my game from being stuck for years. I cringed every time I hit the button to send tens of thousands of emails out.  But the result was that I got to help more people when I played a little bigger. I got to reach my revenue goals too.

I’m hoping that you want to share your gift of numbers and tax law with as many people as possible. The world really needs you.

If you’ve been worried about implementing marketing in the past, consider throwing out that thinking for 2021, so you can attract the quality clients you really want to work with in the new year.

Happy New Year to all of you.