Developing Personas for Better Marketing Results Complimentary Webinar for Web Clients

What’s the step that just about every accounting entrepreneur skips when it comes to marketing and getting new clients?

When you miss this step, you end up spending more on marketing that doesn’t work, get fewer clients than you are able to serve, and make less money than you deserve.

But everyone does it (wrong). After all, most accountants don’t have marketing degrees, and this step is counter-intuitive like a lot of marketing is.

This is the biggest mistake I see most accountants make in marketing: they want to market to everyone. After all, who wants to miss a sale? You can help everyone, right?

You may be able to help everyone, but no one will hear you unless you get clear on who you want as a client. That’s the step everyone shrugs off, and it’s costing them big.

That’s why I’m hosting a webinar Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 9AM Pacific time / Noon Eastern time to help you avoid this million-dollar mistake. You can get more dream clients, spend less on you marketing, and make your revenue goals easier once you know how to bring this step into your marketing process. Join me on this webinar and find out how.

Who Is Your Dream Client (and How Do I Get Their Attention)?

Developing Personas for Better Marketing Results

In this one-hour session, we’ll provide you with an Excel worksheet that you can fill in to get clear on who you want to attract as clients to your business. We’ll go through the process step by step, and you’ll end up with a great tool you can use to market smarter in 2019. 1 NASBA CPE.

After attending this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Define persona and why it’s important to do one for your business
  • List the items you need to develop a complete persona
  • Name the steps to take to develop messaging from your persona

This session is complimentary for all web, social media, and AdWords clients. $39 for all others.

Get more clients, more revenue, and more profit for 2019. Register now.

Webinar ID: 519-184-891

To your success and happy holidays,


P.S. This will be offered only once, and if you can’t make it, I will put the recording in the toolbox.