Important Update Affecting QuickBooks ProAdvisor Members

–If you don’t have an accounting website with us, please disregard this notice.–

Intuit recently crafted a new agreement for members of the ProAdvisor program, and this affects your website content. The new agreement is here:

My Disclaimer: No Legal Advice

Please note we cannot give legal advice at any time.

What We’ve Already Done

If you already have QuickBooks certifications or if we could tell you are a member of the program, we’ve added this statement to your website footer:

“Intuit, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks ProAdvisor are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. Used with permission under the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Agreement.”

You may need to do a page refresh to see it. If we missed your site, reply back “I want the footer wording” and we’ll update your site – no charge for all packages.

If you DON’T want this and we added it, let us know and we’ll take it off. (not recommended)

What You Need to Do

Please review your site and let us know if you want any other changes. If you do, please be specific: tell us the URL of the page, and tell us “Change XYZ to ABC.” Updates are included in all packages except annual legacy sites and Starter. In a few cases, some of you will need to change product names, but that is up to you, not us.

What We’ve Seen

In some cases, we’ve had clients add their new domain to their profile and receive a notice from Intuit to get it into compliance. Instructions from Intuit have been vague so far, so if you get this notice, and have someone you can reach out to Intuit for more direction, please do so.

This is the first time we’ve seen Intuit crack down although they’ve been talking about it for years. If you know anything more, please let us know so we can pass it on.