New Web Pages for Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

I’ve updated the copy on two service pages, Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation. You can see the new pages here using theme #1:

The longer copy is to help you rank higher in Google search results. It can also help to clarify what you do for clients.

Action Requested

If you want us to update your site with these changes at no charge, please READ CAREFULLY:

1. You must be a monthly client.

2. Review the copy to make sure all of it applies to you.

3. For updates with no changes, reply back “please update my bookkeeping page,” “please update my tax page,” or “please update both pages.”

4. If some of the wording doesn’t apply but you want the longer copy for search purposes, you can edit the above pages by copying and pasting the words into a Word doc, then changing what you need changed. Then send us your edited Word docs and we’ll post.

We appreciate your business. Let us know your web ideas so we can continue to improve our web product for you.