Email Options


You have 2 options with the email that is associated with your website domain.


    1. You can go through a third party to host your email. In this case, we’ll either point only the web portion of your domain to our servers or set up Mail eXchanger records in our hosting control panel to route the email to the third party you’ve hired.

      Typical third party email providers include Office 365,, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Apps for business, to name a few. You will work directly with them on your email setup.We need the MX record values in order to continue the service.


    1. We can host it for you (it’s included in your package). In this case, we’ll need the email names you want set up, such as You can have up to 15 names.
      We can set your email up as a POP or a forward.
      If you want your email forwarded, please provide us with the email address you want your email forwarded to. The downside of forwarding is that you will not be able to send mail using your domain name. We will never under any circumstance forward to or a road runner account.

      We have also started setting up your POP account within your gmail account. If you love gmail and do not us Outlook, this is a good option for you. You can still send email using your domain name if you set it up right in Gmail.


Got Questions?

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