Thank You and Your Next Step – Action Required

Thank you for your order for your Silver Website; we look forward to working with you.

Step 1: Please download and complete this intake form

Here is a form that will help us get started on your site. Please send it to when you have a chance. And let us know if you have any questions.  Once we receive your intake, we’ll get started on your site.

Silver Website Intake Form

Step 2: Start on testimonial collection for your website

One of the ways we can make your site effective is to have several testimonials from your happy clients so that future prospects can read about you and see how you are to work with. Please customize the wording (the last few questions) of the email below to work for your business.

Then send the email one at a time to you current and past clients, as many as you dare to. The more the better.

As they come in, please forward them to us. We’ll edit them for spelling, format them, and post them to your site.

Subject: a favor, please

Hi ___,

I appreciate doing business with you and wonder if you would be willing to write a testimonial for me? Just a couple of sentences back in an email would be great. What made a difference if anything? What will you tell friends about? Anything you can quantify would be very helpful. Did we save you money or time on your accounting expenses and/or with your CPA? If so, would you be willing to share a figure? Has your bookkeeper improved via our training? Is your accounting team providing you with the reports you need?

I really enjoyed working with you and I very much appreciate your time.

Best regards…

Step 3:  Free Report Sample

Here is a free report you can use for your web site or for your internal use.  If you’d like to use it on your website, you must have a Constant Contact account.  Please indicate on your intake question #10 that you’d like to use this report and then list the Constant Contact info on #5.

The 10 Biggest Money Leaks in Your Accounting System

Step 4:  Relax!  We’re on it.

We’ll work hard to get you a great site that will showcase your strengths  in front of potential clients.

We appreciate your business.