[Web Diamonds] Take Advantage of Our New Web Features Before Busy Season

Take Advantage of Our New Web Features Before Busy Season

For Diamond Website package clients only:

Our New Clients Survey shows your website is the most important source of new clients after referrals, so it makes sense to spend some time on it, and that’s where we need your help.

We want your website to perform its best during tax season since it’s easiest to get new clients during that time! There’s a lot in this email; please read when you have at least 5-10 minutes.

We recently re-vamped our Platinum package which impacts you. Here is a checklist of items and things we can add or spruce up for you that we’ve changed in the last few months. Let us know what you want added; we don’t automatically add these items unless you request them.

New Lead Magnets

The report, “105 Ways to Speed Up Cash Flow in Your Small Business,” is available to help you grow your email list or to boost SEO. Here are the ways we can add it for you:

1. We can gate it, meaning we ask for an email before they get the report. If you want this, we need to know how you will capture emails:

a. Constant Contact – we need your login (if we don’t have it)

b. CRM access for form creation

c. Web form (not recommended but we’ll do it) – we need the email you want the info sent.

2. We can add it as a web page to boost SEO. We’ve seen good success with SEO doing it this way.

3. We can add it to resources as a link to the PDF.

You can see the report here:


Your action item: Let us know if you want this report and how to add it for you.

We will have the next lead magnet ready in a few weeks: Steps to starting a business. If you have ideas for topics, please send them our way.

Google Business Listing

1. If we’re not already added as Manager to your Google Business Listing, please add sandi.leyva@gmail.com to your list of Users as Manager. That way, we can update your listing and keep it fresh.

New Pages/Videos

1. New/Updated QBO Advanced page(s): https://acceleratorwebsites.com/new-and-updated-qbo-advanced-pages/

2. New page and video: Advisory https://websample4.com/advisory-services/

3. New video: Tax Resolution – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHfMd8n2lHE

Your action item: Let us know which one you want if you haven’t already.

How Can We Help?

Please let us know by item what you want added, and please send the related info we need with it. And we’ll get on these changes as fast as they come in!

We want you to look awesome for tax season, so please also send us:

1. Staff changes

2. Contact info changes

3. New certificates you’ve earned

4. Your organizers if you like to post them (we know this will be in a month or two)

5. New memberships

And anything else that will help us boost your expertise, authority and trust in Google’s eyes.

And for SEO:

1. Changes in where you want to focus geographically

2. Changes in services or niches you want to focus on