Welcome, Thank You, and Your Next Step

On behalf of the entire Accelerator Digital Media team, we are excited to have you as a client and can’t wait to work on your new website!

thank you sticky note with smily face Thank you for choosing Accelerator Digital Media for your website needs. We’ll work hard to earn and keep your trust. Not only will we respond quickly to your updates and questions, we’ll also be working hard behind the scenes for you:

  • Keeping your site backed up
  • Updating your software with the latest versions
  • Maximizing uptime
  • Adding new features
  • Informing you of news, and
  • Monitoring your SEO rankings (Pro and Platinum).

Let’s Get Your New Website Live ASAP

We promise we’ll do most of the work, but we do need three things from you before we can get started.

1. Choose Your Preferred Theme

Choosing your theme is mostly personal preference, so go here and let us know which number you want.

Prefer that we make a suggestion? Contact us at support@acceleratordigitalmedia.com

2. Tell Us Your Domain Name

If you have an existing website, you’ll most likely be replacing it. We’ll grab the data that you own off your old site (it’s magic!) and transfer it to your new site. We don’t even need your old webmaster’s info in most cases.

3. Send Us Your Logo or Company Name
Do you have a logo? Great; send us any file format you have (the higher quality, the better) and we’ll use it on your new site.

Don’t have a logo? No worries; all packages include a text logo design to get you up and running fast. All we need is your company name. Let us know if you have color or font preferences.

Send these items in an email to support@acceleratordigitalmedia.com

Need to talk to us? Set up a complimentary consult at support@acceleratordigitalmedia.com

That’s it to get started. We’ll send you a link to your draft website a day or two after we get your three items. You’ll approve the draft, and then we can “go live” with your brand new beautiful site!

Whitelist Us and Check Your Email

In the next few days, we’ll send you a series of emails that will help you get the most out of your new website.

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Have a Friend Who Needs a Website?

We’d love to have your referrals. Please feel free to share our name and contact info with any of your friends or small business clients that need a website (Yes! We do more than just accounting sites). Thanks!

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Don’t forget to send us your items by emailing us at support@acceleratordigitalmedia.com.