About The Company

Accelerator Websites is unique because:

  • We know the tax and accounting profession and how to help you attract high quality clients. Content Director Sandi Leyva is a CPA, owned her own CPA firm, and is a recognized leader in the profession.
  • Our triple-crown approach includes great marketing copy, the latest web technology including mobile, and professional design images for a polished look.
  • We include search engine optimization in all of our packages.
  • Our sites have paid back for clients in as little as a week.

Accelerator Websites is a division of ThriveFuel, LLC. that provides done-for-you websites customized for professional services firms. We provide standard packages for websites, newsletters, and social media as well as custom retainer and project-based services for accounting, tax, and bookkeeping businesses. Our sites have paid back for clients in as little as a week, and one site received leads even before it was completed.

The Accelerator Websites are unique and effective for several reasons:

  • We know how to help you attract great clients because we’re one of you.
  • Our strengths including writing great marketing copy while providing a professional image with the latest technology that’s protected behind a strong firewall.
  • We customize the parts of your web site that matter so that your strengths and uniqueness are clear to prospects.
  • We excel at putting ourselves in your clients’ shoes: we know what they want, and we deliver.
  • We know how to optimize your site for the search engine rankings, and we’re good at it.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, how your email works, or what to do about your domain name; we’ll answer all of your questions and walk you through the entire process to make it the least time-consuming while producing the best result for you.

Our ideal client is someone who wants to focus on their core business while outsourcing their digital marketing strategy to us. We love working with you to set your goals and achieve or exceed them with the budget you’ve set.

ThriveFuel, LLC is a Texas corporation with staff based in three states. All employees, suppliers, and partners are U.S-based. Other websites include ThriveFuel Marketing and Accelerator Videos.