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Paid Search Ad Packages
Control Exactly How Many Leads You Want

Are you ready for a solid stream of leads – that you can start or stop at any time — for your accounting, tax, or bookkeeping services?

Do you want to get more bookkeeping, tax, or accounting clients at your pace and in your budget?

Are you tired of driving to networking meetings, pasting on a fake smile, and shaking hands with strangers that probably won’t call you back?

If so, it might be time for you to start attracting prospects using modern online marketing methods. After all, the industry is moving to cloud accounting; why shouldn’t you also be moving to cloud marketing too?

Online KeywordsThe good news is we can help you drive the right volume of traffic to your door using online marketing. Here’s our process:

  1. We’ll interview you about the type of clients you want to attract and what services you want them to sign up for.
  2. We’ll evaluate your current digital assets so we can utilize any resources or traffic you already have. Not everyone is successful with ads; your business MUST have solid client reviews, your staff must have high-trust certifications, and you must do your homework as a “real” business including published customer-facing policies, hours, and full contact information.
  3. We’ll set up any accounts and apps we need to meet and measure your traffic goals.
  4. We’ll clean up any digital assets that need freshening up so that your conversion rate is optimized.
  5. We’ll create additional digital assets you need to meet your goals, including content creation, ad copy and graphics, landing pages, profiles, and more.
  6. We’ll stay in touch with you to measure the effectiveness of the contacts you’re getting.
  7. We’ll adjust, rinse, repeat, and scale your campaigns.

Here are our accounting traffic packages:

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