Changes to Our Terms of Service and Action Items for You

To all web package clients:

We have changed our Terms of Service in two places, regarding Intuit trademarks and web forms, and both topics may require action on your part.

Use of Intuit Trademarks

Intuit continues to crack down on offenders that violate their ProAdvisor agreements regarding use of Intuit Trademarks.

We have completed a review of all client sites and made some corrections to protect both you and us. A few things we need your help on:

1. Please review all of your posted certifications that are on your site and listed in your bio. If your certifications are NOT CURRENT, you MUST take them down. Please email us back and let us know what to take down. We will do this at no charge for all packages.

It is your ONGOING responsibility to keep this current and compliant with your agreement with Intuit.

2. Please check over your site for your use of trademarks and be sure you are in compliance with Intuit’s and our terms. We cannot give legal advice at any time, so do not ask us to interpret their terms.

It is our past experience that Intuit’s legal team will go after blatant violators and shut down their digital assets, including their website, in any way they can.

Use of Forms on Your Website (Premium Packages and Up)

Many of you have asked us to add forms to your website. We have come up with a solution we think you’ll like: Google Forms.

We will be happy to add a Google Form to your site, but we will no longer be supporting any other type of form. If you want to add any other type of form to your site, you will need to do it yourself.

To add a Google Form to your site:

1. You will be required to make the form yourself. It’s very easy. Just log into your Google account, select Drive, and start creating your new form (New, More, Forms).

2. Once you’re done, click Send, <>, and copy the embed <> code.

3. Email us the embed <> code, and we’ll attached it to your contact page.

4. You can test the form any time you want, independent of us, which gives you total control. Form completions are logged right in the Google Forms document. You can have the form email you when it’s filled out by making sure you are one of the collaborators (vertical 3 dots, Add collaborators) and choosing Get email notifications for new responses (click Responses tab, vertical 3 dots).

Thank you for your continued support.