Guide to Starting a Business

For Platinum and Diamond Website package clients only:

We have another new lead magnet for you. As promised these will arrive roughly quarterly.

The report, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in 12 Easy Steps,” is available to help you grow your email list or to boost SEO. Here are the ways we can add it for you:

1. We can gate it, meaning we ask for an email before they get the report. If you want this, we need to know how you will capture emails:

a. Constant Contact – we need your login (if we don’t have it)

b. CRM access for form creation

c. Web form (not recommended but we’ll do it) – we need the email you want the info sent.

2. We can add it as a web page to boost SEO. We’ve seen good success with SEO doing it this way.

3. We can add it to resources as a link to the PDF.

You can see the report here:

Your action item: Let us know if you want this report and how to add it for you.

If you have ideas for future topics, please send them our way.