How to Read the SEMrush Metrics – Site Audit

This support video for Accelerator Websites is about SEO and the dashboard that we use, SEMrush. I want to explain one of the metrics that we look at every month that’s important to us: the site audit.

When you’re in your SEMrush account, the top left corner square will say site audit. We pay a lot of attention to this particular metric. In the example shown, the site audit scored a 90%. We try to get all of our websites to at least 90% or above. 90% is extremely good. Sites like Amazon and Home Depot will probably have a 60 to 70% score, just to give you a comparison.

If you just want to minimize your time on this and if you want to check our work, make sure that your site audit is at least 90%. If it’s not, let us know and we can work on it and get it higher. Now, we typically want to zero out all of the errors. That’s kind of as far as we go. Now, you can see that it’s a really high, scary number at first of warnings, but warnings are just warnings. If we have time and it slows down for us, then we may go in and work on your warnings.

There are some other metrics here you can look at. We really don’t pay attention to much other than the overall score. If you want to go in and look and see what’s going on, you’ll see that there is a tab for errors, warnings, and notices. As you see, all the errors are green, which means there aren’t any to work on. There are some warnings. Some of them we can fix, but sometimes we can’t do anything about certain ones. There’s also notices, and again, this is really more information then you probably need because we do not look at this unless we have just extra, extra time to work on all of your site.

You’re welcome to kind of go through here and see what it measures. The bottom line of this one, again, is to just make sure that we have your score at 90% or above. That will help your ranking from a technical standpoint. These are all technical issues that are measured with this particular metric. Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to email me at any time about this dashboard.