How to Set Up Google Analytics

This is a support video to help you set up your Google Analytics account and connect it to your website. Why would you want to do this? It’s very important to know how much traffic your website is getting. A Google Analytics account is free and we recommend that you have it in your own name so that you can’t go backwards. The sooner you set it up, the sooner Google will start tracking. If you set it up today, it won’t give you the last three months of history, so the sooner you set it up, the sooner you can start collecting history about your website. It also shows you where people are coming from so it helps you determine what marketing channels are working the best.

If you don’t have a Google login, a Gmail login, or a G suite login, then the first thing to do is go to I’m not going to explain how to do this in detail, but you’ll need to set up a new account. Just hit the create account button, you can choose either one and then you continue to fill out the information to set up your account.

Once you’ve signed into your Google Account, head over to This will take you to the analytics portion of Google. Once you’re there, it’ll ask you to sign up for Google Analytics if you don’t already have an analytics account. Sign up under the email you’ve logged in to and go ahead and put a website name. The website name isn’t actually the domain, so you can name it whatever you wish. If your website is being hosted with us, then your website will  be HTTPS. Then, key in the domain name. Some of the other stuff is optional based on what you’d like to do. You can check or uncheck the boxes depending on what your options are or what you prefer. Then, be sure to accept the information. Once you are actually in Google Analytics, you should see the tracking code. This is the part that we need. Simply cut and paste this tracking code and give it to us. You can give us the full code or just give us the ID. This code will need to be put on your website, So send us an email and send us the tracking ID.

This allows the account to be under your name and that’s what we really, really prefer–to have you be the owner of this account. We would, however, like to access your Google Analytics account. Click “User Management,” and please add us as a user by click the big blue plus sign and adding We’d prefer if you check all the boxes. Then, click the add button and we’ll be able to see your account as well. This is useful so that when we have our marketing consulting session with you, we can take a look and help you interpret the data.

That’s how you would get your Google Analytics account set up with us. Send us the code, we’ll add it to your website, add us as a user for your analytics account, and you’re all set.