How to Set Us Up As a Facebook Editor on Your Facebook Page

This support video is to help you get us assigned to your Facebook page.

If you’ve signed up for our social media packages, then we want to post for you and we need permission to do that. You’ll need to log in to the Facebook account that owns the page. You can use the left menu to navigate to “Pages.” Once you’ve navigated to “Pages,” select the correct business page you want to give us access to.

The main thing is to get to your main page and go into “Page Settings.” You can access it from the menu on the left. Then, on the vertical menu here on the left look for and click “Page Roles.”You want to assign a new page role, so you’ll need to scroll down a little bit and type in my name. “Sandi Leyva” should come up. There are a couple of different Sandi Leyvas, and we’ve had different people assign the wrong Sandi Leyva, so you definitely don’t want to do that. Usually, I should come up at the top if I have liked this page.

I’m the one with the blue jacket. So what you want to do is type my name in, and then you can add me as an editor or an admin. You need to maintain being the page owner, but you can add multiple people as admins and editors. So if you’ve got a VA or if you’ve got some staff that you’d like to be able to edit the page, you can add them here.

That is how you would add us as an admin to your Facebook page so that we can carry out your social media package.