How to Share Your Google My Business Listing With Us

This is an Accelerator Websites support video on how to share your Google My Business listing so that we can edit it, add posts, and update it for you. If you’re part of the platinum or the diamond web package, then this is part of the service that we do for you. If you are not on platinum and diamond, then you do not have to do this procedure.

You’ll need to log in to your account. Log into the email account where you have your Google My Business listing claimed and navigate to your Google My Business account. If you have more than one, on the left column you’re going to see a menu of items and scroll all the way down.

Look for “Users” and click into it. Then click the icon at the top right of the pop up box. The icon looks like it has some people with a plus sign; this is the icon that we want to click. Then, we want to select invite new users. Once we do that, the email address that I want you to use is not our normal email address. I want you to use And then it’s going to give you a choice, hopefully just one choice and you actually have to select it. If you tab away from it, it doesn’t hold.

What you want to do next is to make sure that it goes up above where you enter the names and choose a role. Please choose the manager role for us and click invite. It should say something like “pending” here, and then you can click done. Please don’t exit or it’ll actually eliminate all the work you’ve done, so please click done at the bottom! We’ll get an email at, but it won’t hurt to email us and let us know that you have done this step. We’ll click the link in the email and then you will be added to our list and we’ll be able to update your Google My Business listing for you and make it beautiful.