How to Share Your Google My Business Listing With Us

Hi everyone, it’s Sandi Leyva and I want to show you how to share your Google My Business with us so that we can post really great stuff and brag about you. But we first need access. This is applicable to Platinum and Diamond packages, as well as people who have the special Google My Business account package. So, you’re going to first make sure that you are logged into Google My Business, and make sure you are logged into the email address that is the owner of the business otherwise you won’t see the buttons that you need to see. If you’re not sure where that is, go to and login and the way that you can check to see if you are in fact in the owner account is to look on the left menu over here and then click “Users” and it should say “you” “owner”.  If it doesn’t, you need to make sure you are in the correct account, you may have to login as a different google email or something like that to make sure you are in fact the owner. When you are in the right account, you will see this blue button right here where it says “Add Users”. We need you to add and what will happen, when you type it in to the dialogue box you must select, and it doesn’t matter which one, the one with the blue face, and then make sure you have it gray listed with an X up here. It’s not the best user interface, but just make sure you have it otherwise it won’t un-gray the invite button. We prefer that you give us owner access, if you have questions about that you can talk with Jason or Tammie. So down here you’re going to select “Owner” when it says “Choose a Role”. So those are the two things you need to do: add the email, click “Owner”, and your invite button will turn blue. Click it, and I’m actually going to click “Cancel”, but you’re going to click the blue invite button. Already you can see that the gmb@ user is part of it, but what will happen is it will look down here like “erose” down here where it says “Invited, Owner”. It will send us an email and then we’ll accept that and then we’ll have access to your account. You still remain the primary owner on your account, so don’t worry about that. But this will give us access to not only do what we need to do with the account but also connect it to some other things if that’s your package. So thanks so much and that is how you are going to add us to your GMB profile. Bye everybody.