How to View and Edit Blog Posts in WordPress

This support video is designed to show you how you can view and edit your blog posts in your WordPress dashboard.

Once you’ve logged into your WordPress account, you should be automatically taken to the WordPress dashboard. There is a difference between posts and pages. Your web pages are usually what make up the menu items, or in other words, the pages that show up on your menu. Your posts are what are specifically on your blog. Navigate to “Posts” and then “All Posts,” and a list of all your blog posts should show up. Some of them say Scheduled after them; that means they haven’t dropped. You can actually post a blog and schedule it to be published at a future time and date. So that is an option that you can do.

Let’s just take a look at one of these blog posts that has already been published. As you see, as we mouse over the title of the blog post, you can do various functions. We’re going to click “Edit,” so that you can see what the Edit screen looks like. The title is located at the top, if you want to change that, and the URL is the permalink. Be sure to save any changes you make by clicking “Update.” You can also view the post by clicking on “View Post” in the top bar up here to see any changes you’ve made.

All right, so that is the post on the website. Hit the back button and we’ll be back in the dashboard. Now if you see some code and if you see brackets, that means that you probably are seeing the text version. You might want to bring the Visual tab in front so that you can see exactly what the content looks like without the HTML code. Let’s say that something was misspelled here. You can go in and just move your cursor around as if you were in a  word processing document here. The same thing is true for the title. Once you’re done making all your changes, click the “Update” button over here on the right side. And again, you can go to the page and view the post to make sure that it looks the way you expect it to look.

That is how to view and edit your posts. For many themes, the look of the edit page is similar and and has the default look. There are a couple of other looks that we’ll have other videos for where we’ll show you how to edit posts and other things. If you’re post page has a different look, that’ll be covered in a different video.

All right, so now you can go into your WordPress and view and edit your posts.