Marketing Conferences and Certifications

If you haven’t seen me at some of the accounting conferences lately, it’s because I have my hands full keeping up with digital marketing and attending those conferences these days. I have to go outside the accounting industry to stay up-to-date with marketing since our industry is woefully behind.  Here are just a few of the conferences I’ve attended in the last few years and education our team has gone through recently.

Digital Summit

I’ve attended this conference twice now, in 2016 and 2018. It is available in several cities, so I attend the one in Dallas. This one is excellent, and the best part is to attend the pre-conference in-depth workshops. This one helps us with SEO, social, and content marketing and is where I first saw SEMrush, which has helped us scale our SEO efforts. More here:

Traffic & Conversion

Digital Marketer out of Austin, TX holds a couple of annual conferences, and I attended one of theirs in February 2018. While it was useful for trends like marketing with Messenger, their 11 courses were even better. I’ve earned certifications in all 11, with topics ranging from copywriting to funnel management to optimization testing, and my team has about 7 certifications each. More here:


Pubcon is know for attracting world-class speakers. I attended in 2018 to hear the latest from Google employees and consultants who are the top in the world in search.  More here:

Vendor Conferences

In 2014, I attended the Infusionsoft conference and focused on marketing automation possibilities , and in 2015, I attended the user conference by Aweber, an email marketing software.

Vendor Education

All full time staff earned or renewed their Constant Contact Certifications and we remain a Constant Contact Partner.

We’ll also be going through SEMrush training, of which there is just about a webinar every day!

You can check out our company and staff certifications on our About page:

Social Media Marketing World

While we didn’t travel to sunny San Diego in May, we did purchase a virtual ticket to this popular social media conference and will be going through hours of recordings to learn more about how to further monetize social media.

That’s our world. I try to attend at least one accounting conference each year. In the recent past it’s been QB Connect, CPAFMA, AICPA Tech+, and Sage. This year I’m signed up for Scaling New Heights. And one day I’ll make it to Xero, which I’ve paid for twice but have had to cancel. See you around!