New Blog Post – CTC Letter Notice Heads Up for Tax Clients

For Pro and Up Web Package clients:

For those of you with tax clients who received Child Tax Credit advance payments, the IRS plans to send a letter out on Jan 19 with details. We’ve written up a blog post to notify clients to give you a copy of this letter which will help you reconcile the advance CTC payments.

Here’s a sample of the blog:

Action Requested

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1. If you’d like our team to add this blog NOW to your website, please reply YES.

2. If you’d like our team to SCHEDULE this blog to drop on your website on January 17, 2022, please reply “Schedule January 17, 2022.” You can also suggest a different drop date.

3. If you don’t want it, no reply is needed.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sandi and Jason