New Resources Page

I’ve written a new Resources web page that is available for all levels of the monthly web packages. It includes links for tax tools and small business sites. You can see an sample of the page here using theme #1:

You’ve asked me in the past for financial calculators, and after seeing that one of my competitors was sending your web visitors to a calculator page full of Google Display ads, I decided to finally create a tools page for you that is better and more modern.

I have updated the traditional page with links to today’s burning client questions, such as help with identity theft and IRS scams, an incredibly robust set of financial calculators that are provided free by the AICPA with no annoying ads, financial literacy sites, and small business resources that are complimentary.

We can also provide custom local links on this page that you provide.

Action Requested

If you want us to add this page to your site, please:

  1.  You must be a monthly client to get this new page.
  2.  Email us letting us know you would like the resources page added to your website.
  3. Let us know the link to your local Chamber of Commerce. We’ll add that to the small business section.
  4. Send us any other links you want added to your new resource page.  We’ll need name and URL, and please keep in mind quality over quantity.
  5. Give us a few days to catch up with your requests.

We appreciate your business.  Let us know your web ideas so we can continue to improve our web product for you.

To your success,