New SEO Dashboard

I’m super-jazzed to announce our new SEO dashboard tool that will give our web clients (Pro and higher) insights into all the work we’re doing behind the scenes for you.

I’ve sent this email to ALL hosting clients so you can see what we’re offering at the higher package levels, even if you aren’t on them.

If you were to purchase this tool by yourself, the price is $99/month. With our Pro and higher packages, you won’t pay a dime; it’s included in your monthly package fee.

The purpose of this tool is to show you how your site is ranking in search and to automate and scale some of things we have been doing manually for years. It’s pretty cool.  You can:

  • See how you rank for keywords we’ve entered for you.
  • Give us competitor names to enter to see how you do against those sites.
  • Check out your site audit score to see how we’re doing on the technical aspects.  80% is a good score, and please note this is a technical audit, not a quality audit.
  • Get suggestions on how you can rank higher.
  • Build your knowledge of search and factors affecting your rankings.

This tool is complex, and frankly, it’s easy to misinterpret.  So that’s why we’re having a training on it Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018.

Your Access

We’ll be granting you read-only access into your domain.

**Please look for the invitation from SEMRush, which is the vendor of this app.**  We’ll be sending them out starting today and over the next week.

Feel free to wander around in the tool until we have the training.  If you have questions, write them down, and we’ll cover them in the training.


Both this tool and the field of SEO in general are incredibly complex topics.  We’ve scheduled a webinar on August 30, 2018 to go over the basics and how to benefit from this tool.  Please register using the link here:

Registration URL: 
Webinar ID: 521-955-179

It will be recorded if you can’t attend live.  Feel free to send us your questions now or during the webinar.

I do hope you’ll enjoy and get involved with this new benefit.  It can give you some great marketing insights for your business.

And if you’re on an annual, starter, or premium package, feel free to attend to the training to see if it might be worth upgrading.