New Spanish Websites!

I am very excited to announce our newest product: Websites in Spanish!

As you know the Latino market is huge and a wonderful niche opportunity for those of you who have bilingual staff. We want to help you reach these entrepreneurs by offering you a marketing product that speaks to your Latino prospects in their native language.

Our new Spanish websites are complete WordPress installations and there are two options for you based on your budget:

Option 1: You can have a new, separate Spanish site at your current domain. We will install it at

Option 2: You present to us a new domain name in Spanish and we do a completely separate site.

The reason for the separate site in both cases is SEO. The language selection of English or Spanish is made at the WordPress installation level, not at the page level, so there is a huge benefit in building a complete site vs a couple of pages like we have done in the past. A domain in the Spanish language helps even more with SEO if your budget allows.

We have two levels of website packages for each of the above options: Starter and Premium. The Premium includes unlimited updates in the monthly price for those of you who can provide your own Spanish content to post.

You can find out more about pricing and what’s included in our new Spanish packages here:

We can also offer English-to-Spanish translations for any custom content you have at 15 cents per word.

Here’s a sample of our Spanish site and the pages that are offered:

You’ll see the translation leans toward European Spanish, and we’re open to feedback, especially on the accounting-specific terms, from those of you who have native Spanish and accounting knowledge. We’re still finding a typo or two and I believe we’ve got most of them worked out.

While this sample shows a particular template, we can create your Spanish version in any of our templates on our Layouts page, including matching your existing site.

Depending on the popularity of this product, we hope to add additional pages very soon for popular Latino industries such as restaurants and real estate, etc. as well as QuickBooks products pages and a resource page. So please help us spread the word so we can serve you better.

Please feel free to grab a time on my calendar if you’d like to discuss the Spanish packages and your options.

We appreciate your business!