Push Notifications

I am delighted to announce a new feature called Push Notifications for all Platinum sites.

Push notifications are those popup rectangles you see in the bottom right corner of your screen. You may have seen them from Facebook, Skype, or another site you’ve allowed notifications for.  You’re probably more familiar with notifications on your smartphone.  They appear gently and then disappear and don’t interfere with navigation.  More than two-thirds of users rate notifications as positive, unlike other popups.

We have just added this technology to a few of our sites, and the signup volume is extremely high compared to other methods. I am anxious to roll this out to all of you because I believe it will make a difference in your marketing.

If you want to experience push notifications, go to https://acceleratorwebsites.com/ and select “Allow” when you see the permission request box. You’ll see the initial thank you message at the bottom right corner of your screen. I will send another push notification on Thursday.

We will be working with you to set up push notification accounts in your name so that you will “own” your own subscribers. For now, automatic notifications will be sent out when a blog is posted to your site.  You will also be able to send out your own notifications any time.

The vendor we are currently using is the market leader by 50 percentage points. Right now, the service is free with the exception of our setup labor, which we won’t charge you for. There will be no charge to you as long as the vendor account remains free.  If that changes, we’ll let you know what we are going to do.

We will also cover this topic on Thursday as part of our complimentary weekly webinar Accounting Biz Talk so you can better understand the potential. If you can’t make it, we’ll provide a recording for you.  If you can make it, sign up here:


We’ll be reaching out to you individually over the next few weeks to get this set up.

To your success,