Should You Put Prices on Your Website?

A few accountants have started putting prices on their websites, especially those that have packages.

Should you or should you not put prices on your website?

In general, my answer has always been that you should NOT put prices on your website. The reason is you need time to build value and trust before you state your prices and you can only do that on a phone call or in a face-to-face meeting.

However, there are some exceptions and at least one reason to put prices on your website.

If you are constantly getting low-quality leads and price shoppers AND you have done everything you can to customize, personalize, and de-commoditize your site, then prices can help keep the lowball clients away.

You can start by simply adding a statement like, “Our packages start at $500 per month” which will keep the leads away that want to pay you $12 per hour.

Or you can build a packages page with prices listed and that shows what’s included in your services. On that page, you’ll also want to build as much value through text, videos, or photos as you can so you don’t lose the ideal clients too. Videos are the fastest way to build trust without meeting the person face to face.

When you list prices on your site, this is your sales pitch. You might not have a chance to have a phone conversation if they can get all their answers on your site. And they won’t even know what questions to ask except price if they’re a typical small biz client.


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Some things to do to your sales page to encourage people to call:

  • List all of your features and benefits and be thorough. Include intangibles like peace of mind.
  • Add a big button or text that says, “Got Questions, Call us at 999-555-1212.”
  • List everything but the price. In that field put “call for estimate.”
  • Include raving testimonials just before you put the price. If you have a client that says you’re worth every penny, put that testimonial right next to your prices.

The ultimate rule is to test. Every web site creates different results. Don’t assume because someone else has listed prices or packages that it’s working for them. It might not be.Test by adding new content and measuring the amount and quality of leads you get during the time the content is up. Then change content and see if you get different results. Stick with the content that gives you the results you like best. I realize this is easier said than done since we have seasonality with our services. Do take seasonality into account when measuring results. You can’t expect any content in June to outperform your worst content in January, since everyone calls in January.