Sitemaps and Navigation

A new feature we’ve added this year to your site is a sitemap. The bots that crawl web pages and index them for Google, Bing, and other search engines love having the presence of a sitemap on a site.

A sitemap is simply a web page that acts as an index for the entire site. It lists the URL of all of the pages on the site. The standard file name for a sitemap is sitemap.xml and you can view yours at

To add the sitemap, we purchased a license of the premium version of the SEO plugin we use, SEO Ultimate. This plugin automatically keeps the sitemap current as page updates and menu changes are made.

Both sitemaps and navigation are important to consider in Google search and for a good user experience. Your standard menu navigation appears just below your page header where your logo is located. On some themes, we also repeat the top-level menu in the footer.  If these items are out of sync, please let us know and we can fix that.  The footer menu is not automatically updated when the main menu is changed.

If you have any questions about your sitemap or your menus, please reach out any time.