Special Blog Article on New Tax Deadline

For Pro, Platinum, and Diamond web clients:

In case you haven’t had a chance to send a notice about the delayed federal tax deadlines, we’ve written one up for you. (We also know some of you don’t do tax, so please forgive this interruption; no action is needed on your part.)

You may want to customize the state paragraph to be specific to your state. In that case, please send us your:

1. State name(s), deadline to file, deadline to pay.

2. Or tell us your state has no income tax, and we’ll delete that paragraph.

Here’s the article: http://websample1.com/new-tax-deadline-is-offical-july-15-2020/

As always, you’re welcome to edit it and send us a revised article for posting as well.

We appreciate your business and hope you stay safe and healthy!

To your success,