Tax Bracket Update on Resources Page

Happy Done-with-April 17-18 Day!  Our busy season is just beginning, but that’s not a complaint!

For those of you who have a Resources page on your site and a Tax section on that page, the 2017 Tax Brackets are currently listed.

We have a replacement page for 2018 rates because it’s that time…., but you MUST respond and let us know what you want us to do:


Please email us and let us know which choice you want, if any.  If you don’t, we’ll assume you don’t want a change.

1. Please replace my 2017 Tax Rate/Brackets link with the 2018 numbers.

2. Please keep 2017 and ADD a second link for 2018.

3. I don’t have a resource page and I would like you to add it.

We will do this work comp for ALL monthly web packages, but it is NOT automatic.  You must let us know you want this change.

Once we get your response, please give us 3-4 days to get the changes done.