The New Dot.CPA Domain Extension

This message is for web clients that have a licensed CPA firm registered with their State CPA Board / Governing Agency. Our apologies for the interruption if you do not fall in this category.

The AICPA and have control over the purchase and distribution of the .cpa extension in domain names. They have just opened the application process. The bottom line is I recommend you get this if your budget permits.

Normally, I don’t recommend changing a domain name (as many of you might know!), especially if your domain is over 5 years old. However, because you HAVE to have a registered CPA firm to get this extension, I have to think that Google will consider this a credibility booster under their EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) criteria.

The price is $225 per year. If you can fit this in your budget, I recommend getting a .CPA domain for your firm. If for no other reason, get it to avoid your competitors getting it.

How to choose your .cpa domain name

Choose a name with three things in mind:

1. What’s closest to your legal firm name? If you have a trademark, consider it as well.

2. What’s closest to your current domain name? (this is secondary)

3. Don’t repeat cpa. If cpa is part of your domain name now, leave it off since it will be in the extension. In other words, get, not

If you get one

When you are awarded the domain (which will be in November it looks like), please send me your domain login credentials and I will set up an alias that will point your .cpa domain to your existing domain. PLEASE DON’T SEND ME YOUR LOGIN UNTIL THE DOMAIN HAS BEEN APPROVED.

There is no cost for us to set up aliases.

Then set up a time on my calendar so we can discuss converting your current site to your .cpa domain.

Here’s the application link again: