ThriveFuel GMB Ranker

Hey everybody, I wanted to do a quick video on a new tool that we’re launching. It is a Google My Business ranker, optimization ranker. So what you can do with this tool is you can go to and you’re going to be greeted with this simple form. What this is, is you can look at it and you’re going to get back a result for the business you look up and it’s going to tell you where your Google My Business ranks across the market. So basically, the way you need to understand Google My Business is that you don’t necessarily rank the same way on one side of town as you do on the other side of town. Google My Business looks at the actual coordinates of a cellphone or mobile device, or even a desktop, and says, “ok what is the best result for this person who’s searching and who are we going to put in that 3 pack in the 1,2,3 area.” So, to give you a quick demo on how this works, you come in, and I’m going to use ThriveFuel as an example. We want to use the location in Victoria, our brand new location, and then I’m going to look for digital marketing. Then you input your email address, it’s very important that it is a real email address so that you can get the results. Then my name, and if you do this please do use real information, that is my real cell phone, and we are going to go ahead and submit this, and then this will take you to an article. That’s actually an older article, but still very important, hits all the main points of why Google My Business is so important. Then you’re going to receive an email after a few minutes. The email you’re going to receive is hopefully going to look something like this. This tells you, ok this is ThriveFuel digital marketing, gives you the address, that’s your Google My Business, but most importantly you’ve got these green dots. What these represent, each dot represents one mile and this is a 13×13 radius. So, you can see that in almost every area of town, ThriveFuel is ranking as a 1, or 2, or 3, so that’s good, we’re in that 3 pack. The 3 pack is the most important real estate on Google’s home page. If you are not in the 3 pack, you are essentially invisible. If there is a 3 pack, it’s something like almost 70% of people choose one of the companies in the 3 pack to contact. So it’s very important that you are there. If you’re not there we can help you with that, but this is the result that you’ll get back. It’s a new tool that’s very cool and you can use on your own. So again, all you have to do is go to and you can test this out for yourself. Have a great day!