Updated and New Product Pages: Xero

For all Website package clients:

We have three new Xero pages for those of you who work with Xero:

You can see the samples here:

Xero Accounting Software: https://websample1.com/xeroaccounting-software/

(replaces old Xero Cloud Accounting page)

Xero Marketplace Add-ons: https://websample1.com/xeromarketplace-add-ons/

Xero Partners, Certified Advisors, and Training:


These can either go under their own menu label, Xero, or under Accounting Software, where we can put both QuickBooks and Xero product pages.

Action Requested

Your reply is going to be a little more complex than YES this time. Please read carefully.

First, if you do not want these pages, there is nothing to do.

If you want all three pages, reply ALL THREE, or tell us which ones you want by name.

Tell us where you want them:

  • Under a separate menu item named XeroXero Products, or Xero Accounting Software, depending on room
  • Under QuickBooks Products; rename to Accounting Software and put the pages on the bottom of the drop-down
  • Under QuickBooks Products; rename to Accounting Software and put the pages on the top of the drop-down (you focus more on Xero than you do QuickBooks)
  • Something else: spell it out for us, please

We will look on your website to see if you are a Partner or Certified, but if these are not up-to-date, then there are 2 more items.

  • If you are a Xero Partner, let us know whether you are Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. We will add the graphic and a sentence to all three pages.
  • If you are a Xero Certified Advisor, let us know and we will do the same as above.

As always, if you want an edited version, scrape the text into a Word doc, make your changes, and send it to us to add.

Thank you for your continued support.