How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Search Rankings

How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Search Rankings

There are two main reasons to be active in social media. One is to build your reputation as a professional so that your business is visible to prospects that need your services. The other main reason which is often overlooked is to increase your website’s search rankings. Let’s explore this second reason.

When you post updates that include links to your website, your search engine results could be affected. Here’s how to make the most of this aspect of SEO (search engine optimization):

1. Write posts that include keywords that prospects will enter in Google to find you.
2. Include a link to any page on your web or blog

For example, here are some posts you can use on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook:

Looking for a new bookkeeper for your small business? Check out our bookkeeping services:

Year-end is a great time to make a switch in your payroll system. Find out more:

Need help solving accounting problems in your non-profit? We can help:

The third step pours gasoline on the fire

3. Encourage your friends and connections to share the link

Your social media connections are more likely to share your post when it’s an article that delivers value, so you are more likely to get blog posts shared than you are web pages. Either one will help your search results increase.


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Remember that for those of you on our Pro and Platinum packages, we post to your blog every two weeks. We encourage you to post these blog articles via social media. This will help you rank higher when you do it consistently.

You can use an app such as Hootsuite to schedule your posts ahead of time in batch mode. You can also connect social media apps with your blog in some cases, but sometimes these come undone and need to be refreshed so you have to be on top of them.

There are dozens of ways to get your website to rank higher in search, and social media has fast become an important component of search.