Website Update Suggestions for May 2021

Now that most of busy season is behind us (with apologies to TX, LA, OK, and TN), we’d like for you to consider several areas that might need updating on your website.

  1. COVID notices and re-opening.

It might be time in your state to update or remove any COVID notices that remain on your website.  If this is the case, please send us exact instructions on how you’d like to update that information.  Some of it can be added to your resource page if it is still useful; just let us know.

  1. After-tax marketing focus.

If you’ve had us focus on tax client acquisition via your site’s title tags, you may want to ask us to change your focus now through December to acquiring monthly accounting clients.

First, find the content of your title tags, which displays when you mouse over the tab of your website page in your browser software. You can see what your title tags contain currently.  It will normally start with your city and state. Then it might say tax preparation or bookkeeping. If it says tax preparation or anything similar, let us know if you want to change it and what services you want us to focus on.  We know you hate the word bookkeeping, but that’s what works best. We can also use CPA firm, accounting firm, or accounting services.

If the cities listed are not the ones you think you can get the most clients from, let us know which ones are better for us to list.  We recommend cities with at least 50,000 population (20,000 in the northeast) and if your city is huge, we recommend you think about suburbs.  We can get you higher that way (big fish, small pond).

We’re happy to switch these back and forth any time, so stay in touch with us and help us help you have a better result.

  1. Hours and holidays.

If your hours are posted on your contact page/footer or if we handle your Google My Business listing, please send any corrections to your office hours.  Also let us know which days you will be closed for holidays for the rest of 2021 and we’ll get them marked in GMB.

  1. Other web updates.

Please send us any updates such as staff changes, new photos, and client testimonials so we can keep your site fresh.  Also, if you have any new corporate info such as policy updates, mission statement, or diversity statement, etc., please forward those for posting.

  1. New marketing channels.

If you’d like to expand your marketing with us, there are two ways to do so: consider a website upgrade to the next package level, or consider an additional channel, such as adding social media or a newsletter to your existing digital footprint.

If you find that any of these areas above need updating, just send your instructions to and we’ll get on it right away.

As always, we appreciate your business.  Please let us know how we can better help you with your marketing.