AMPing Your Site

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it’s a pretty hot initiative at Google.  It also impacts your SEO, so that’s why we care about it.

The AMP project is designed to help web pages load faster on mobile devices.  As of this writing, the plugin supports blog pages only.  It strips out text, menus, and headers and displays only the page content on your mobile device.


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We know that sites that are mobile-friendly and load fast in mobile are ranked higher than others without these characteristics, and we think it might just be a matter of time, if it’s not already here, before Google ranks AMPed pages higher.  So in January 2017, we added the AMP WordPress plugin to all Pro and Platinum sites.

If you want to see your AMPed results, you can view your blog pages on your mobile phone or enter /amp/ after any blog page to see the difference.

Here’s the non-AMPed version of


And here is the AMPed version


As the plugin matures, we’ll be doing more with AMP, so stay tuned.