Are You Curious About Where Your Web Investment Goes?

You might be curious as to what goes into producing and maintaining your website. Here are just a couple of the components that we are running behind the scenes for you.

1. Hardware and System Software.

We have dedicated servers with specialized web system software located in special server rooms California, Utah, and Florida. These are all carefully maintained and monitored by 24/7 staff.

2. System Software Security and Support.

 Our 24/7 support team (different from our hardware team) provides the “hardening,” which is done to keep your website safe from hackers, as well as ongoing support when things go wonky in the digital world.

 3. WordPress Web Development and Management.

We use several apps to build, manage, and backup our WordPress sites. And although the WordPress software itself is free, many themes and plug-ins require costly licenses. We carefully select and test new themes, plug-ins, and other tools to provide the best product for you.

 4. Graphic and Video Libraries.

Each graphic on your site requires a license to use, which makes up a significant portion of our costs as well as time choosing the perfect images. We spend more on graphics than we do on hardware and software combined. We also create graphics in-house, such as logos and headers.

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 5. Copywriting and Content Creation.

All of our pages and blog articles are written in-house, and the pages are tested for lead generation success. Once a quarter, we go in and update the blogs of the Pro, Platinum, and CMO clients en masse, which is somewhat of an operation in and of itself.

6. Staff Time.

Staff time is mostly spent creating, maintaining, and optimizing the websites. We also spend a significant amount of time each month checking the backups and a little bit of time troubleshooting. There’s a surprising amount of time spent reconciling the whole hosting operation to ensure the accounting, management, servers, and list management is all in sync. We spend several hours each month doing R&D and training as well, testing out new apps, new themes, writing new copy, studying SEO trends, and more.

Today’s operation is a far cry from the very first website I built for a client in 1998, and I love that I am still learning something new about websites almost every day.