Get Your Website Ready for Busy Season 2017

One of the easiest times of the year to attract new clients is during busy season. If you want more clients, then let’s make sure your site is ready for 2017.
Here is a quick checklist for you:

1. Up-to-date contact info
Is your phone, fax, email address, and mailing address all current? Please check your contact page, header, and footer as well as the calls to action on each service page. You may also need to check your About page in case you list emails on that page.

2. Test your forms
If you have a form on the contact page that people can fill out, test it and make sure you receive the email. Often, email spam filters are set too tight so that you never get the emails. If you want new clients and are not getting the emails from the forms, well, that’s just sad. If you don’t get the emails, then consider deleting the form. There’s nothing worse than when a prospect emails a site and never hears from them.


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3. Update your bio and credentials
Read your bio to see if it needs an update. Someone just emailed me and told me my LinkedIn profile shows 2014 dates, so I am guilty of this as well. Have you earned a new credential? Received additional testimonials? Get those on your site so you can wow your new prospects.

4. Check for errors
It’s a good idea to have someone in your firm go over all the links and copy on your site to make sure there aren’t any typos or errors. Let us know if you see any and we’ll get those corrected at no charge.

5. Update your site
Just a few more miscellaneous tips:
a. Your site should be mobile-friendly. More mobile than desktop searches are now being conducted.
b. Make sure your copyright date is current (in your footer).
c. Make sure your design is current. You won’t be able to easily attract high-tech companies with a design that looks more than 5 years old.
d. Is your blog or calendar (if any) showing a date over 6 months old? If so, update it or hide it so your site doesn’t look abandoned.
e. Make sure your domain registration is current so your domain doesn’t accidentally expire.
Correct any of these checklist items before busy season gets into full swing. And as always, let us know if we can help.