The Second Most Important Page on Your Website

Can you guess what the second most important page of your website is? It’s not your services pages. It’s not your home page; that’s the most important page. It’s not even your contact page. If you guessed your About page, you got it right.

The reason you About page is more important than your services pages is that people want to know who you are before they want to know what you can do. That’s why it’s essential to present an excellent bio and photo on this page along with any credentials, membership, experience, and education you have.

For everyone who has a monthly web package of mine, I have written your bio for you. (If not, contact me.) Some of the most important components of your bio include:

• Listing what makes you different, and/or what you’re passionate about. This is always in the first paragraph
• All your certifications and their images
• Your membership and logo images
• Your experience, especially mentioning industries
• Your education which is usually in the last paragraph
• Something personal about you to make you more human and approachable after we have built you up with all your credentials


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There may be other things in your bio depending on your unique qualifications. If any of the above components is not up-to-date or misleading or inaccurate, let us know so we can get it right.

If you have an updated photo, please forward that to us as well. Your photo should have good lighting with good eye contact and a smile (or at least an approachable expression on your face that doesn’t have you looking like it’s the morning of April 14th).

And last, if you have changes in staff, send us those updates too. Each staff member, especially the ones with client-facing duties, should have their photo and a 1- to 3-paragraph bio listed online.

Please check your About page periodically and send us any updates that will help us help you look awesome online.