Market with Your Presentations on SlideShare is a highly overlooked social media site owned by LinkedIn. On SlideShare you can post presentations that send a message to potential clients about your business. It’s a great lead-generation opportunity that far too many accountants have ignored.
If you have slide presentations that you’ve done, you’ll only need to do a little updating to make them SlideShare-worthy. You can take your existing content and modify it slightly to help you market your business.
It’s also fantastic for communicating thought leadership.

The key to making a great slide deck for SlideShare is to remember that the slides need to communicate the entire message without audio. That means you’re going to have to have words on almost every slide. You’ll also have to simplify your message. Use graphics and color to increase excitement in your slides.

We recommend you use professional graphics. We get ours from, and yes, there is a cost. You can also Google “free graphics,” however, few of those sites have search capabilities and most require you to give them a photo credit.


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Here are some presentations to consider creating on SlideShare:

  • Tips on hiring an accountant
  • Tips on hiring a tax preparer
  • Tips on hiring a bookkeeper
  • Tips on hiring a part-time controller
  • What is an Enrolled Agent?
  • Should you choose QuickBooks for your business?
  • What accounting reports should you get every month?
  • How to get ready for year-end
  • How to reduce data entry in your business
  • Is your accounting system efficient?
  • How much should bookkeeping cost in a small business?
  • What are the benefits of using Xero (QBO, Zoho,, Expensify, etc)
  • How to pay less in taxes (legally)

What can you think of?

Be sure to link your SlideShare account to your website in all the right places. The best way to do it is to link them to relevant slideshows in the body of the page. For example, if you have a QBO services page, link your QBO slides to that page.

Try creating a SlideShare account and let us know how it works.