Photo Ops

Photos are a great way to further personalize your site, which helps you avoid looking like a commodity.

Candid photos are great, but sometimes the best photos are planned. Here are some ideas to think about as you go about your workday, with a camera or smart phone in hand.

    • Take a photo of your team in a team meeting, at a party, as a group, or at their desks.
    • Have someone take a photo of you at your desk
    • Do you teach classes? Have someone take a photo of you teaching with the audience smiling or clapping
    • Do you visit clients with interesting and photo-worthy offices, stores, or warehouses? With their permission, take a photo of you at their location.
    • Do you go to networking events? Take a picture of you talking with other guests at the event.
    • Do you ever display or exhibit at local or national events? Take a photo of your table or booth, hopefully with you talking with people.
    • Do you hold your own events? Hire a local photographer to shoot candids of your event; it’s worth it.
    • Have you won an award? If you received a trophy or plaque, take a photo of it. If you have a photo of you receiving the award, better yet.


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  • Do you volunteer for a nonprofit? Take a picture of you in action doing the volunteer work. Better yet, have your team help and get matching t-shirts with your logo and the nonprofit’s logo to make a great photo op.
  • Do you attend conferences or training events? Get some candids of you attending classes, checking out new apps in the exhibit hall, with friends, and especially, with anyone who might be a celebrity of sorts. If you do QuickBooks consulting and your QuickBooks rep is there (or better yet, Brad Smith or Jim McGinnis), get a photo with them. Do this for each software you represent.
  • Are you near the headquarters of one of your software vendors? Ask to get a tour or attend an event there and use that photo on your website, labeling it something like “Exploring Intuit headquarters.”
  • If you have a sales rep or dedicated customer service rep for any of the software you consult on, ask them for their picture and get permission to add them to your staff page.
  • Do you have some influential referral partners? If you know the mayor, a city council member, a TV anchor, a newspaper columnist, or any other civil leaders, get a shot with them to add to your site.

All of these ideas can do triple-duty on your website, blog, and in a Facebook photo album.

Try these ideas to build credibility on your website. These types of photos on your site will help clients trust you faster and will help you stand out from the crowd.