Web Site Improvements – March – April 2019


As a current monthly web client, we wanted to let you know of another set of improvements we’ve made to your site while you’ve been busy with busy season work.

Mobile Page

We’ve added a new mobile page to encourage clients to go mobile with their accounting. It also makes your business look mobile-friendly. The QBO app is the only one we’ve listed, but we’re happy to add more.

Action step: Reply back if you want this page added to your site and if you want us to add additional apps, please send us the links to those apps so we can add them to your page.

Taking Payments

If you’d like to learn how to get paid online, we have two options. Both require third-party vendors:  Freedom Merchants and PayPal. This option is usually for fixed price items such as courses, and not used as much for recurring payments.  Take a look at our Partner page and go to the Get Paid Online section to read about these options. 

Feel free to set up a time with me to find out more about these choices.


This is kind of tech-y, but we have upgraded all of your sites to the latest version of PHP, which is the programming language that WordPress is written in.  We had to replace the slider plug-in (controls your rotating home page graphic/video) we were using on some sites, but this should not affect the look of your site.

Sample Logos

We’ve started building an inventory of sample logos.  In case you don’t have a logo, we can fit one of these to your business name.  No extra charge!


Over the next several months, we’ll be swapping out plug-ins to improve the schema on your site. Schema is one of the most important features for the future as it impacts Google’s Knowledge Graph. These are things you don’t really need to learn about unless you’re curious. Just know we’ve got you covered!

If you’d like to read more about schema, here are a couple of articles I just wrote:



We very much appreciate all of your business with us.  Feel free to schedule a time on my calendar so we can review your individual situation. We’d like to know how your site has been performing over the last few months. We’re jazzed about delivering the best website product to you.  If you have suggestions about how we can make your site better, please let us know.