Get Your Website Ready for Busy Season

Busy season brings the opportunity for lots of potential new clients. If you want new business, then here are a couple of easy things to do to get your site in tip-top shape and to maximize the number of new prospects during the time of year when clients are actually thinking about accounting needs.

1. Check the date of your last blog post.

If your blog is current, then you’re all set. Your site will look fresh and ensure that you’re open for business.

If your blog post is stale or older than a few months, there might be a question in your prospect’s eye about whether you’re still in business, whether you have trouble keeping up with things, or whether you’re technologically up-to-date. Erase the doubts and either update or hide your blog.

If you want to hide your blog, login to your WordPress dashboard, click on Pages on the left vertical menu, mouse over the Blog page and click edit. Halfway down on the right, you’ll see a box labeled Exclude pages. Uncheck the box next to “Include this page in the list of pages,” and that will hide most themes. If that doesn’t work, let us know; your theme might work differently.

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2. Is your phone, fax, email address, and mailing address all current?

If not, you’ll need to update your contact page. You may need to update the bottom of every page if we’ve customized your calls to action. You may need to check your widgets and header graphics too; those two latter items are best changed by our team.

3. Are your certifications current?

If you’ve earned new certifications that are not on your website, by all means, you should add them. Credentials are good for business. If you’re still sporting the older Intuit icons, you may want to get them swapped out with the newer badges. We’ll do this free to Premium, Pro, and Platinum accounts.


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4. Any new testimonials?

You know you can’t have enough testimonials. Enough said before it starts to sound like I am nagging.

5. Staff changes.

Check to see if you need to make any changes on your staff page. If you want your team to look bigger, consider adding your contractors as well as any dedicated software contact people.

6. General once-over.

Go through your site to check for any broken links, missing graphics, or anything else that might be broken. We go once a year to the doctor, and it never hurts for your website to get a periodic once-over from you as well.

Double-check these six items so that you’ll be attracting good prospects this year.