Accelerator Websites vs. CPA Site Solutions

Looking for a better value for your accounting firm’s website?

A lot of our clients tried CPA Site Solutions first and then switched to Accelerator Websites.  There are HUGE differences in our product; here are just a few of the biggest differences to the best of my knowledge:


SSL – A Secure Site shows a lock and the https:// before your domain name. Pretty much mandatory these days – trust is an essential aspect of your business. And SSL will rank your site higher. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Custom-written bio


Periodic marketing consult

Social packages

Site speed

Knowledge graph/schema/markup

Client portal

Your time required to build site

Website Price

Social Media Price

Accelerator Websites

Included in all packages.

Included in all packages. Our templates are pre-optimized. Then we do a tech SEO update. Next we do a local SEO update. Our dashboard monitors your rankings and search console error. We continue to make updates and corrections as the algorithm changes. We offer free consults any time to clients who want to discuss their results. 

We use WordPress which powers roughly 40% of all sites wordlwide. We can also more nimbly add new technology like AMP and schema so that your site has state-of-the-art technology at all times.

Included in Premium and above. 

Usually same day. Updates completed within 48 hours.

Included in Pro and above.

Ours are more expensive because we custom-write each post. No setup fee.

Included and optimized for mobile via AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology. This is an SEO ranking factor.

Included in all packages. This is a ranking factor in search results and where the web is going.

Not included. We recommend Citrix ShareFile because it’s HIPAA-compliant and has granular user security.  

1-2 hours to collect the items we request. 

Our website packages range from $45-$159 and they include SEO. 

Our Social Media price ranges from $119-$299 for custom-written posts. No setup fee

CPA Site Solutions

Only included in $139/mo package. Pay $10/mo extra for this.

Some SEO is included. SEO packages are extra. I asked twice to get the details and never got anything from them. There are over 1 Billion websites; you have to have SEO.

Platform is proprietary, which means you have to go through an extra learning curve.

Not available.

Varies. I’ve waited up to 3 weeks for a change request to get done for consulting clients. 

Not included. 

Requires set up fee and posts are stock. Packages are less expensive.

Only if you know to request this. Not sure if there is an extra charge for some packages.  AMP is not available.

Not available.

Included, but we see that many clients don’t use it because they have better solutions with their tax software, etc.

6-12 hours to collect items and build site since you have to do it yourself. Internal labor cost to you if you bill at $100 per hour: up to $1,200.

Their website packages range from $ 65.50-$142/mo. Their SEO packages range from $149/mo to $1,005/mo and there are 3 setup fees but when I called she wouldn’t tell me what they were. 

Their social media packages require a setup fee of $299 plus $49-$89 per month for stock posts


If there is a feature that CPA Site Solutions has and we don’t, give us a call.  We’re happy to consider adding it if it’s important to you.  We feel we have the best solution on the marketplace and will continue to make improvements to make it more profitable and better for our clients.