The Big Three Directory Listings

Last time we talked about Google for Business and your business listing. There are three directory listings that are considered the most important to be listed in: Google, Bing, and Yelp. Next time we’ll talk about Bing, so today let’s tackle Yelp. Set Up Your Yelp Listing

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Your Free Google Business Listing

One of the most profitable things you can do online to help us rank your site higher is to claim your business listing on Google for Business.  It’s a free listing, and spending 30-45 minutes updating your profile will be well worth your while. Set Up Your

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Google Webmaster Tools: Search Console

One of our important jobs here at Accelerator Websites is to keep Google happy when it comes to getting your web pages to rank in search. And Google has made it easy with Webmaster Tools Search Console.  The search console is where you can log into to

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Back Links: A Popularity Contest Online

One of the most important criteria that Google measures when it ranks sites in search results is back links. A back link is when a website adds a link to your site on one of its pages. Back links are, in effect, how Google measures how popular

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Conference Participation – Digitally

Are you planning to attend a conference, a training, or even a webinar this year? If so, your physical participation is only one part of your event experience. Here’s a list of things you can do on the digital front to make you and your brand known.

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A Roundup of Cool Web Features You’ve Asked for

You, our clients, have the best ideas when it comes to adding features to your website. Some of the ideas are so cool that I want to share them with you in case you might want us to add one of these features to your site. In

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Monitoring Your Brand and Your Name Online

What are people saying about your brand? The easiest way to instantly find out is to do a Google search. Start with your business name to see what comes up.  If no one else has your business name, you should see the following results: Your website. Your

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Sitemaps and Navigation

A new feature we’ve added this year to your site is a sitemap. The bots that crawl web pages and index them for Google, Bing, and other search engines love having the presence of a sitemap on a site. A sitemap is simply a web page that

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Your Website’s Photography

Professional photo camera holded by man photographer who taking photos of beautiful young woman in park[/caption]The photography that is used on your website is one of many elements that can help communicate what you and your business are about.  Ten years ago, the common thing to see

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The Speed of Your Site

How fast your page loads has been important for a long time. It impacts three major things: whether people hang around while your page loads, your Google search rankings, and the mobile user experience. The bottom line is that if you page loads in under five seconds,

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