What Makes a Good Social Media Graphic?

You might think it’s not easy finding images to use in social media that are relevant for accounting and tax. After all, how many pictures can we post of us sitting at our desks working on spreadsheets that we can’t show because they need to stay confidential?

That’s where we need to get creative. Here’s a list of ideas you can use to graphically illustrate your posts on social media, your Google business profile, and your blog.

  • Photographs you have taken of
    • Your workspace, with and without people in it, inside and exterior shots
    • Your employees
    • You at an accounting convention or networking meeting
    • You running a work errand
    • You taking CPE
    • You volunteering
    • You sitting in on a board meeting
    • You taking a tour of a local business
    • You holding a certificate you just earned
    • You doing a hobby
    • Your team members doing any of the above
    • You with a client, with permission of course
    • Landmarks of your local city
    • Your favorite places
  • Stock photographs

These are photographs you purchase from a stock photography company. Here, you can get photos of tax forms, calculators, people in meetings and at workplaces, and thousands of other ideas. Use a keyword to search for the perfect photo. Stock photos cost anywhere from $5 to hundreds per photo.

  • Screen shots

Capture screen shots on your PC or phone to use in posts. These are often screen shots of software, but can also be slides.

  • Graphics

You can create your own graphics to include a photo and text headline, or really anything you want. Use an app like Canva or describe what you want and hire us to create it for you.

You probably already have a logo and product graphics, so be sure to use them. And don’t forget Excel graphs and charts. You can copy and paste these to illustrate your posts.

  • Memes and GIFs

Many people will use memes and gifs to reply to someone. These are used to convey emotion and humor.

  • Infographics

Infographics communicate statistics in a graphical format.  We can help you design one; just send us the statistics you want to include, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

  • Drawings

These are original, hand- or computer-drawn graphics. They can include anime or cartoon drawings as well.

Selection Tips

To select or create the best graphic, here are a few final tips.

  • Your selection should generate or tap into the right emotion when it’s viewed.
  • If people are in your photos, match demographics with your ideal client.
  • While we may think about calculators and tax forms, people connect with people, so don’t overuse pictures of accounting props without people in them.
  • People want to see themselves reflected in your graphics, so choose wisely.

The more you use graphics in your social media posts, the more your posts will stand out and be noticed. And with the right illustration, your message will be seen.