New Features Log

3/17/2022 New Blog Post – The Benefits of Filing for an Automatic Extension of Time to File Your Income Tax Return

1/27/2022 New Blog Post – Processing Delays and Backlogs at the IRS

1/14/2022 New Lead Magnet – Guide to Understanding Accounting Software

12/16/2021 New Blog Post – CTC Letter Notice Heads Up for Tax Clients

12/14/2021 New Link on Resources Page – Taxpayer Roadmap

11/18/2021 New Video on How to Hire a Bookkeeper

11/12/2021 New 2022 Tax Rates Page

11/12/2021 New Video on When to Change Bookkeeping Services

10/06/2021 New Quarterly Lead Magnet on Life Events

09/20/2021 New Service Page on Business Consulting Solutions

08/16/2021 New Resource Page on How to Hire an Accountant

06/22/2021 New Server on the East Coast

06/07/2021 New Lead Magnet on Internal Controls

05/26/2021 New Sales Tax Service Web Page

05/24/2021 Website Update Suggestions for May 2021

05/17/2021 New Blog Post: Why Filing an Extension for Your Taxes Is a Good Thing

04/26/2021 Updated and New Product Pages: Xero

04/19/2021 New Search Feature for Blogs

04/19/2021 More Bonus Infographics

04/15/2021 Google Search Algorithm Update

03/30/2021 GA4: The Next Google Analytics

03/19/2021 New Blog Post on Tax Deadline Extensions

03/15/2021 New International Tax Services Page

03/15/2021 New Blog Post on ARPA 2021 for Businesses

03/13/2021 Bonus Infographics

03/12/2021 New Blog Post on ARPA 2021 for Individuals

02/08/2021 New Blog Post on Employee Retention Credit

02/02/2021 New Lead Magnet on Services for QuickBooks

01/12/2021 Bonus Blog Page on PPP – Jan. 2021 Update

12/29/2020 Bonus Blog Pages on Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

11/23/2020 New Page to Boost Referrals

11/09/2020 Bonus Blog Page on “How Does the Presidential Election Affect Your Taxes?”

10/27/2020 New 2021 Tax Rates Page

10/23/2020 Making Updates to Your Website – New Process

10/19/2020 New Lead Magnet – Year-End Checklist

10/07/2020 New Website Protection Feature

09/30/2020 New Malware Firewall Installation

09/21/2020 Server Updates and Access Limits

09/15/2020 New Web Page on Forensic Accounting

09/04/2020 The New Dot.CPA Domain Extension

09/04/2020 New video on IRS Collections Services

08/04/2020 New Audit and Assurance Web Page for Your Website

07/23/2020 New Video on Tax Resolution – Payroll Taxes

06/24/2020 New Web Page on Innocent Spouse

06/22/2020 New IRS Nonfilers Video for Your Website

06/18/2020 New Video for the IRS Audit Page

06/18/2020 New PPP Loan Forgiveness Services Page

06/03/2020 New Lead Magnet on Tax Resolution

06/02/2020 Terms of Service Changes

04/22/2020 New Services Web Page on Cash Flow Forecasting

04/15/2020 New Video on Business Continuity

04/13/2020 New Blog Article on How to Find Cash Fast

04/09/2020 New Blog Article on Scams and Fraud

04/06/2020 Special Blog Article on PPP and EIDL

03/23/2020 Special Blog Article on New Tax Deadline

03/23/2020 Special Blog Article on Business Resilience

03/06/2020 Coronavirus Notice You Can Use

03/05/2020 New Lead Magnet on Hiring Employees

02/04/2020 New Tax Resolution Service Pages

12/04/2019 New Lead Magnet on Starting a Business

11/21/2019 New 2020 Tax Rates Page

9/10/2019 New Spanish Websites!

08/23/2019 New Marketing Video for Advisory Services

08/22/2019 New Tax Resolution Video for Your Website

08/06/2019 New Advisory Page for Your Website

07/25/2019 New and Updated QBO & Advanced Pages

5/14/2019 New Website Feature for May 2019 – Video Captions

4/29/2019 Website Improvements – March – April 2019

4/29/2019 We’ve Added Instagram to Our Social Media Channels

3/27/2019 Web Site Improvements – Q1 2019

3/15/2019 Additional and Revised Designs Available

2/25/2019 New Accounting Web Page to Replace Controller Page

1/29/2019 New Web Pages for Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Services

12/18/2018 Developing Personas for Better Marketing Results Complimentary Webinar for Web Clients

11/28/2018 Important Update Affecting QuickBooks ProAdvisor Members

8/27/2018 New Resource Portal for Web Clients

8/24/2018 New SEO Dashboard

7/18/2018 Five New QuickBooks Product Pages

5/23/2018 Sitemaps and Navigation

5/21/2018 GDPR

5/4/2018 New Feature – Glossary

4/20/2018 Tax Brackets Update on Resources Page

1/29/2018 Migration to New Hardware

11/1/2017 Push Notifications

10/31/2017 New Resources page

12/30/2016 New QuickBooks Badges

9/9/2016 Support videos

6/16/2016 New Industry pages

3/29/2016 New Cloud page

1/16/2016 Web News started