New Features Log

3/27/2019 Web Site Improvements – Q1 2019

3/15/2019 Additional and Revised Designs Available

2/25/2019 New Accounting Web Page to Replace Controller Page

1/29/2019 New Web Pages for Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Services

12/28/2018 All Sites Upgraded to WordPress 5.0

12/18/2018 Developing Personas for Better Marketing Results Complimentary Webinar for Web Clients

11/28/2018 Important Update Affecting QuickBooks ProAdvisor Members

8/27/2018 New Resource Portal for Web Clients

8/24/2018 New SEO Dashboard

7/18/2018 Five New QuickBooks Product Pages

6/1/2018 Major Speed Improvements on All Sites

5/21/2018 GDPR

5/4/2018 New Feature – Glossary

4/20/2018 Tax Brackets Update on Resources Page

1/29/2018 Migration to New Hardware

11/1/2017 Push Notifications

10/31/2017 New Resources page

12/30/2016 New QuickBooks Badges

9/9/2016 Support videos

6/16/2016 New Industry pages

3/29/2016 New Cloud page

1/16/2016 Web News started