Web Site Improvements – Q1 2019

As a current monthly web client, we wanted to let you know of the improvements we’ve made to your site while you’ve been busy with busy season work.

Home Page Title

We’ve added a page title to your home page which is a summary of what your do and where you are located. This will increase your search results rankings. You can generally find it below the slider or home page banner in the what we offer section.

Action step: Pleas review you home page and let us know of any changes you want to your home page title.


Due to the closing of Google+, we have removed all Google+ icons on your site.

Action step: If you still have a Google+ icon on your site, please let us know so we can remove it.


We are having so much trouble with web forms, spam, and emails not getting through to you that we’ve decided to discontinue them. We will NOT remove them unless you tell us to.

Action item: If you wish to have your webform removed from your home page, contact page, or another place, please reply back and let us know.

Testimonial Page Upgrades

Due to the importance of collecting client reviews on Google Business, Facebook, Bing, and Yelp, we’ve added a right column to our standard testimonial page. Here’s a sample: https://jablonskyandassociates.com/testimonials/

Action item: If you have a testimonial page and you’d like us to upgrade it with your FB, Bing, GMB, and Yelp links, please let us know. You MUST send us the links to each page you want us to link to for reviews. We can also add your ProAdvisor link, so if you want that, forward the link to us.


We’re in the process of upgrading all sites with AMP. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and helps your site load faster on cell phones. We previously had AMP installed for blog pages only.

Action step (optional): Check to see what your site looks like on your cell phone.

Copyright Date

We changed the copyright date on your footer in early January.

Action item: If your copyright date still says 2018, we missed you. Please let us know and we’ll fix it.

Past Upgrades

If you missed any of our past upgrades, we’ve created a new log here that you can review: https://acceleratorwebsites.com/new-features-log/.

Please send us any updates to your pages.

We Appreciate You

We’re jazzed about delivering the best website product to you. If you have suggestions about how we can make your site better, please let us know.