Server Updates and Access Limits

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be updating the server software and wanted to let you know. While we routinely upgrade the WordPress plug-ins and themes that we use on nearly a weekly basis, server software upgrades are a little different.

If you have any custom programming on your website, please inform your developer that we will be upgrading MariaDB and MySQL. They can email me directly with their requirements. There should be no downtime experienced.

We’ll be checking all of our client sites throughout this process.

We’ve also limited access to the programming side of our servers to users in the United States and Canada. If you have a developer located outside of the U.S. that needs access to cpanel or another function please contact us and specify their IP address and the functions they need access to and we will whitelist them. Your website is still visible worldwide to all countries that have internet access.

We’ll send an email when we are complete with these server upgrades.