Website Updates for May 2019

Just one update and one new feature to tell you about this month.

After Tax Season Keyword Focus

If you’ve had us focus on tax client acquisition via your site’s title tags, you may want to ask us to change your focus now to acquiring monthly accounting clients.

First, find the content of your title tags, which displays when you mouse over the tab of your website page on your browser software. You can see what your title tags contain currently.  It will normally start with your city and state. Then it might say tax preparation or bookkeeping. If it says tax preparation or anything similar, reply back to us and let us know what services you want us to focus on.  We know you hate the word bookkeeping, but that’s what works best. We can also use CPA firm, accounting firm, or accounting services.

If the cities listed are not the ones you think you can get the most clients from, let us know which ones are better for us to list.  We recommend cities with at least 50,000 population (20,000 in the northeast) and if your city is huge, we recommend you think about suburbs.  We can get you higher that way (big fish, small pond).

We’re happy to switch these back and forth any time, so stay in touch with us and help us help you have a better result.

Video Captions

It’s become pretty common for people to watch muted videos, so more and more people are including captions as a default.  If you have videos on your site (Diamond and Old Platinum packages), please let us know if you’d like us to turn on closed captions for all of your videos.

And if you feel it’s time for you to get videos on your site, give us a call about upgrading to our Diamond package, where you get five videos on tax, payroll, bookkeeping, controller, and QuickBooks for your site.