New and Updated QBO & Advanced Pages

For all current website clients:

As you know, Intuit has rolled out QuickBooks Online Advanced. We have an updated QuickBooks Online page for you that goes into a little more detail about the levels of QBO. View it here:

We’ve also written a brand new QBO Advanced page that can be added to your site.

To get these pages, you MUST take action. We do not automatically update your page unless you want us to.

Let us know what you want by simply sending an email:

1. Update my QBO page.

2. Add the QBO Advanced page.


3. Do both.

Please be clear in your instructions to us! There are a lot of you and just a few of us and it’s still our “busy” season.

We love helping you attract more clients and feel a focus on QBO Advanced will give you an edge, so we hope to hear from a lot of you. This update is free to all current clients.

You can also edit the wording of any page by pasting the page in a Word doc and sending it back to us to add.

We appreciate your business. Please reach out any time and let us know how we can help you with your digital marketing needs.