Making Updates to Your Website – New Process

To: All Current Website Package Clients

We have a new procedure and a new requirement when you make changes to your own website without going through our firm.

1. New Procedure: After you have completed any changes to your site, we will need to clear your firewall cache in order for the change to “take.”


2. New Requirement: We politely, respectfully, and strongly require that you NEVER change your WordPress password and NEVER add new WordPress users without our permission. The penalty for non-compliance is we will delete your site immediately. Yep, it’s that serious.

Here’s the New Process

For Web Premium packages and up, we really, really prefer your send all website changes to us. After all, there’s no extra charge, and we can usually get them done in 1-2 days (unless it’s a redesign, then it can be up to a week).

If you prefer to do them yourself, no worries. Once you’re done, send an email to us with the URL of the page you made the change on and let us know to clear the cache or that you made a change We should be able to turn these requests around same business day in 90 percent of the cases.

I know it’s a new hassle, but the benefits of the firewall outweigh this minor inconvenience.

Here’s the Why

Our new firewall provides for added safety for your website in a year where attacks have exploded.

It’s essential that your site loads fast so that you will rank higher in search. One feature of the firewall is performance, and caching is something that speeds your site up.

Each time we make a change to your site, we clear the cache via a performance plug-in, WP Rocket. Now we also have to clear the cache via the firewall. Having both increases the speed of your site (we tested this) but can also make your site do weird things if the cache is not cleared.

Since speed and safety are both important, this is what we need to do to get the job done.

Regarding the password change requirement, we had a client change their WordPress password to something like admin2020 and sure enough they experienced a severe ph!sh1ng attack. So please help us keep your site safe by honoring our new requirement. Let’s all be super-smart and serious about having strong passwords everywhere.

Thank you for your continued support.