Traffic Checklist

Want as much traffic as possible going to your website?  Check all of these items off the list to ensure maximum lead generation for your site.

  1. Is your website phone correct in all places? Header, footer, contact page.
    • Do you answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number? Prospects will often NOT leave a message and just dial the next person.
    • Is your voice mail initialized and does it sound like a business voice mail?
  2. Is your website email address correct in all places? Header, footer, contact page.
    • Can you receive email at that email?
    • Do you often check spam?
  3. Test all website contact forms to make sure you can receive leads from them.
  4. Do you have a physical address listed on your website? It can be a mailing address and /or your home address if you want to list it there.
  5. Does your contact page list all of the major cities over 50K in population or states near you that you want to get or have clients from?
  6. Are all of your certifications listed on a prominent certification ribbon? Any updates?
  7. Is your bio complete and customized by Sandi’s team?
  8. Do you have a testimonials page with at least 10 testimonials listed?
  9. If you have Facebook, Yelp, and/or Google reviews, are those links on your testimonials page?
  10. Do you get customers to post reviews for you on Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp (be careful about soliciting Yelp reviews – they are picky)?
  11. Is one of your best testimonials repeated on your home page graphic/slider?
  12. Is there a rotating testimonial section on your home page?
  13. If you have a client portal or login area, is there a client portal button or page on your site?
  14. Are your social media links listed on your site? Are there any with less than 100 followers/people that should be deleted?
  15. Do you have a privacy policy listed on your site?
  16. Do you have a terms of use listed on your site?
  17. Do you have packages described on your site? Prices are optional.
  18. Do you offer a free consult? Do you have a Schedule a Free Consult or Get a Free Quote button on your site? (Requires ScheduleOnce, Calendly, etc link)
  19. Are the services pages listed correct and comprehensive?
  20. Do you have a niche? Are the industry pages you list accurate?
  21. Do you offer products? Do you have a page for each product you offer or support?
  22. Do you have a Frequently Asked Questions list? We can do a lot with this:
    • What are your hours?
    • Do you come to our location?
    • How much experience do you have?
    • What do your certifications mean?
    • How do I get a quote?
    • Have you helped businesses like mine?
    • Why are you different from other accountants?
    • How do I get started?
    • What do I do next?
    • What reports will I get?
    • Can you help me if my balances don’t look right?
    • I already have QuickBooks Online. What would you do?
    • Your ideas….
  23. Have you sent an email to everyone you know announcing your new site?
  24. Have you mailed a card announcing your new site to your list?
  25. Have you added your website to:
    • The signature line in your email
    • Your QuickBooks ProAdvisor profile, if applicable
    • Any other software certification or partner profiles
    • Directories, such as Google for Business, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and others
    • Map accounts like Google Maps and Apple Maps
    • Social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
    • Any other place online where you have a presence
  26. Have you included your website on your business cards and letterhead?
  27. Have you added your website link to any flyers, handouts, and marketing materials you use?
  28. Do you mention your website when you’re networking or marketing?
  29. Is your website URL listed on any other sites? News, government and university sites carry the most link authority and raise your rankings, but everywhere you can get your site listed on others helps traffic.
  30. Have you completed personas for your business? Ask us for our handy persona spreadsheet.
  31. Could you write some additional unique content for us to post:
    • Additional service descriptions
    • How we work page
    • What happens when you sign up – how to get started page
    • My 10 favorite places in my city (helps with local SEO ranking)
    • 5 things about me that you wouldn’t think an accountant could do (gives you personality)
    • Case studies of clients
    • List of press releases or articles you’ve been mentioned in or have authored
    • List of speaking engagements you have completed or upcoming calendar
    • List of conferences you’ll be going to
    • Any accounting article that answers a client question or increase their financial literacy.
  32. Is your website mobile-friendly for mobile search?
  33. Do you have marketing videos added to your website?
  34. Do you have a business resource page?
  35. Do you have a regularly updated blog?
  36. Do you have a free report sign-up on your website? (you’ll need an email marketing system and to forward us the code)
  37. Want more tips? Read our past and future blog articles, designed to help you understand more about digital marketing, and how you can help us help you rank higher.